Privacy Policy

Last Updated 25 May, 2023

This policy covers usage of the website.

Your privacy is important.  When you are visiting this website, it does not collect any types of information to track your usage patterns.  Examples of the types of data that are not captured are:

•    Viewing Patterns

•    Browser Software and Version

•    Operating System

•    IP address

•    Search Engine Keywords

•    Personally identifiable information


Aside from using an SSL (Secure Socket Layer protocol) connection, this website does not conduct any financial transactions or even accept correspondence, so your personal sensitive information isn’t collected, making it completely safe from being disclosed to third parties.

Links to Other Sites

This website may, in the future, provide links to other sites that are neither owned nor controlled by the author. These third-party sites, however, are not subject to or bound by this website’s Privacy Policy.  Such third-party sites may or may not have their own privacy policies and may or may not collect personal information from you or place cookies on your browser.  The author is not responsible for the privacy policies or any information collection practices of these sites or any damages resulting therefrom.


This website doesn’t use cookies, but in the future, it might use other desserts.  

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The author will post any substantive changes in this privacy policy.  After the changes take effect, all visitor interactions will be subject to the revised privacy policy.  Refusal to accept and cooperate may result in social castigation and public floggings.

Minors Under 13

The author does not intentionally market to nor directly collect personal identifiable information from children under the age of 13.  


Thank you for reading this and appreciating that the author staunchly maintains your personal information as private as possible.

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