The Immense Plant-Based Food Industry

Consumer demand for plant-based foods is accelerating exponentially, creating a worldwide surge in growth in the massive multi-billion-dollar plant-based food market.  

The Global Plant-Based Food & Beverages Alternatives Market Size was valued at over US$12.9 Billion in 2019, with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.3% that will create high revenue opportunity through the forecast period of 2019 – 2028.   Another estimate is the compound annual growth of the plant-based food global market is currently 11.9 percent.

In an August 13, 2020 article by Globe Newswire, a financial forecast by Meticulous Market Research Pvt. Ltd. Projects that this industry will be worth US$74.2 billion by the year 2027.  

According to Torq Commodities, in the coming decade of the 2030s, the global plant-based food market is projected to reach $161.9 billion.  

More plant-based food businesses are being started and expanded, including some becoming publicly traded companies on the stock exchanges.

Many people want alternatives to meat and dairy for several reasons, including their health and healing, for spiritual/religious observances, insistence upon cruelty-free products, also their concern about the impact on the environment and the entire planet of sustainable agricultural practices.  

84% of consumers ages 18-24 and 88% of consumers worldwide prioritize ethical purchases and sources of food and beverages.

Obviously, there is a huge demand for information and recipes for plant-based foods and beverages with healthy alternatives to the rather unhealthy standard Western diet, especially the SAD (Standard American Diet).  

All of these aspects, coupled with a lifestyle change of eating at home more often and less take-out meals, is pushing the demand for recipes of plant-based cuisine.  

The purpose of the book Plant Cuisine is to provide a wide variety of creative, unique plant-based recipes that are easy to make, affordable, delicious, nutritious, and healing to help give sustained high energy, permanent fat loss, powerful detoxing, a strong immune system, and radiant health.    

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Billions of people all over Earth are health conscious and discerning about the ingredients in their foods and beverages, demanding nutritiously dense and clean foods without GMOs, toxic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides including carcinogens, heavy metals, plastics, and other harmful substances.  

These consumers are making healthy choices such as foods and beverages certified USDA Organic and/or grown with biodynamic methods or other sustainable practices.  



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